How Do I Throw A Birthday Party For My Cat?

How Do I Throw A Birthday Party For My Cat?Everybody loves to throw a party, especially if it’s theirs or that of their pet! These feline companions are our forever friends who shower us with endless love and affection. Keeping us entertained for hours with much-needed comic relief, especially upon getting hold of catnip.

And yet, you may be asking the question “How do I throw a birthday party for my cat?” Well, I’m glad you asked, you’ll find a helpful guidebook to assist you with your cat’s birthday party.

1. Keep Your Cat In Mind

Each cat is different and some tend to be shier than others. Thus making it important to plan a birthday party geared towards his/her own feline needs. One which is less raucous and will make them feel most comfortable like that of their home environment!

If he/she is amenable, then you will want to choose an adorable birthday costume for guests to adore. Not to mention all the amazing photos you can take and share with family, friends, and loved ones.

2. Party Theme

Depending on your feline friend’s personal disposition, the theme of your party could be something cute like (Hello Kitty)! It’s up to you and your cat of course; pick party favors & decorations which will make him/her meow with joy.

Please keep in mind that most cats are averse to loud noises and yours more than likely feels the same way. So, choose feline-friendly party favors that provide happiness and not fright! You also want to stay away from party balloons of any kind; for a curious kitty can get quite a scare when they pop.

Might we recommend some adorable Cat birthday banners, garlands, and/or table decor?

3. Get Stocked Up

Your cat may or may be in the mood to party, so let’s move on to the non-feline birthday guests. Since they’ll without a doubt be avid CAT-LOVERS; hook them up with some oh-so-cute wearable kitty ears. The possibilities are endless, and as an added touch, you could throw in a sweet whiskered cat face mask.

4. Let Them Have Their Birthday Cake & Eat It Too

No birthday is complete without an accompanying cake. Of course, you’ll want one for your kitty’s feline guests and another for those human party-goers. In the event that he/she is a nervous eater, make sure to present them with their cake before your cat birthday invites begin arriving.

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