How Do I Make My Cat A Birthday Cake?

How Do I Make My Cat A Birthday Cake?How do I make my cat a birthday cake?

Many cat parents consider their cats to be part of the family, and when it comes to celebrating a family member’s birthday, a cake is usually the best choice. When we hear of cake, the first thing that comes to mind is the sweet taste. While this might work for dogs, it is not necessarily a good thing for cats.

You see, cats, unlike dogs, are carnivores meaning that they can’t taste any sweets. This means that when you are considering baking a ‘sweet’ cake for your cat, it has to contain every cat’s favorite dish – fish or chicken.

So how do you prepare a cake for your cat? The following post provides a foolproof recipe for making your cat a tasty cake for its birthday. While your cat might probably not appreciate the effort, they will love the delicacy, so read on.

1. Ingredients

You will need ½ a breast of chicken, three tablespoons of flour, an egg, and four tablespoons of shredded cheese of your liking. For this recipe, all-purpose flour will work fine. But feel free to switch things up to accommodate your furry baby. A little side note, coconut flour works best if you’re going for a grain-free option.

For this recipe, we will go for chicken instead of fish. This is because while fish is usually every feline’s favorite dish, it is all too common. Since it is your furry baby’s special day, you probably want to go the extra mile for them, and what better way to switch things up than with some sweet roasted chicken.

This recipe takes about 8 minutes to prepare and bakes in 20 to 25 minutes at best. The ingredients specifications in this recipe are enough for two cakes only.

2. How to Prepare Your Chicken

Take out the chicken from the wrapping and pat it dry. Lightly salt the chicken’s exterior as cats’ palates tend to be quite sensitive. Something worth noting is that you should try as much as you can and get a fresh chicken to roast at home.

Buying a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket is costly, dull in taste, and might be unsafe for your cat. For the homemade chicken, you get to roast it according to your specifications and liking. You also need the chicken juice after roasting to form the cake.

3. The Recipe

Step 1:

Roast your chicken in a skillet at 450 degrees for up to an hour.

Step 2:

Pierce the chicken through with your knife to see if it still ‘leaks’ any juices. If it does, keep cooking it for another 15 minutes until the bird’s juices run clear.

Step 3:

Allow it to cool down. You don’t want to burn yourself by handling a hot chicken.

Step 3:

After your bird is cooled down, and you can handle it, you need to de-bone it and, set aside enough meat for the cakes.

Step 4:

Finely chop your cake meat and put it in a bowl.

Step 5:

Crack the egg and use only the egg white.

Step 6:

Mix in the meat, the cheese, flour, and the juices you got from the chicken together until they form a moist blend.

Step 7:

Separate the moist chicken mixture into portions and place in lightly greased muffin tins

Step 8:

Put the shaped mixtures into the oven for 10 minutes.

Step 9:

Remove and set aside for 5 minutes to cool down then add a few extra treats on top to add some flair to the cake.

Step 10:

Cover the remaining mixture using a plastic wrap then place the dish inside the fridge waiting for the next time you’ll cook them again. When you next remove the cake from the refrigerator, run a knife around the edges to get it off the container and bake it accordingly.

Once it is time for the birthday cat to cut the cake, you need to give them a small piece. Always note that too much of something can be dangerous. Therefore allowing your cat to indulge in the sweet treat can result in unexpected stomach aches.

If you had lit a candle for your kitty on its cake as decoration, you should put it out as quickly as you can before he or she digs in. The cake’s aroma may be too tempting for the cat to resist, and before you know it, your cat’s face gets burned!

Final Thoughts

Making your cat a birthday cake can be a low-budget and fun affair if you use the right ingredients. The step-by-step recipe provided above details how you can help put a smile across your cat’s face on its special day.

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