Cat Birthday Party Ideas

Cat Birthday Party IdeasLooking for Cat Birthday Party Ideas?

If you’re a cat parent, your cat is probably significant to you. Cats give their owners so much love and affection that it seems wrong to ignore them, especially on special days. Cats are like furry babies, and they, therefore, deserve all the attention they can get.

As a cat parent, it is up to you to go out of your way to give your cat the best birthday possible. Sometimes it’s not enough to provide them with something extra sweet with their meal on their birthday. Hugs aren’t enough for such special occasions since you hug them daily.

When you think of celebrating your cat’s birthday, the first thing that comes to mind is probably to throw them a huge party. However, a reminder to note is that cats aren’t big fans of large crowds, which may not be the best option.

However, there are a few ways in which you can celebrate your cat’s birthday while ensuring that they don’t get spooked by the number of people around. As you plan to get the party going, you must remember that your cat will probably be less interested in the effort and thought that went into planning the party.

Nonetheless, you need to ensure that the list of things on the birthday itinerary involves things that your cat loves and enjoys doing. Keep reading for invaluable tips on how you can spoil your fur baby.

1. Grab Some Catnip Toys For Your Cat

Just like at regular parties you can grab some champagne to add to the fun, only that this time catnip will work better as it is a champagne specially made for cats. Head down to your favorite pet store and grab a catnip for your cat to play with. Catnip helps your furry baby have a good time without feeling suffocated by the crowd’s presence.

You will also get to have fun as you see your cat run around the house (or yard). Watching your cat running while fully energized can be quite entertaining.

2. Keep Some Extra Sweet Treats Handy

Cats love to indulge every once in a while. For its birthday, you can grab some sweet treats at hand to keep your cat happy. Ensure that you space the treats out at regular intervals. On human birthdays, children tend to overstuff on candies and other goodies and end up getting sick.

The same thing happens when you give your cat plenty of sweet treats all at once. You don’t want to have to factor in a vet visit after seeing your cat have the best time of their life.

3. Give Your Cat Some Toys To Keep Them Happy

We all know cats love chasing things around the house. Nothing screams more fun than giving your cat a few toys to jump around with and chase. Your cat is bound to appreciate the toys immensely after they have already enjoyed the sweet catnip.

4. Invite Other Cat People But Leave Out their Cats

While this may seem like a mean thing, you need to ask your friends, especially those with cats, to leave their cats or pets at home. You also need to ensure that the people you’re inviting to this party are cat lovers or own cats because it might be challenging to explain to non-cat owners that you held a party for your cat.

For the ones you invite, please encourage them to leave their cats behind. This is because cats aren’t necessarily sharers. They love being the center of attention. If there are many cats at the venue, you may end up separating a catfight instead of enjoying the party.

5. Set Up an Affordable Jungle Gym

We all know the pain of splurging on an expensive cat toy only for your furry baby to end up playing with your old sock. To avoid using up a lot of money for something that your cat won’t probably use or appreciate, you can build a jungle gym in the house.

For this DIY cat toy, you can set up a couple of old boxes together and place them all around the house for your cat to play and jump in. Not only will your cat love the set-up, but the DIY will also help you unleash your creative side.

6. Set Up Cat Themed Decorations

It is never a birthday party without the decorations to go with the event. Head over to your favorite pet store and grab some cat-themed decorations. You can also build some yourself. Hang some pictures of the birthday cat to make them feel special.

7. Ask the Guests to Make Donations

Instead of asking your guests to bring gifts for your cat, you can ask them to make donations to a cause you believe in. It may be donating something to the local animal shelter or organizing a volunteer trip to the shelter to help around. This way, you get to enjoy your cat’s birthday while promoting a good cause – which can be much more fulfilling!

Final Thoughts

Although cats are sometimes tricky to understand, they give their parents love and good heart health and deserve the best they can get. The above points are useful for any cat parent looking to pamper their furry baby on its big day.

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