7 Tips on How to Throw A Memorable Birthday Party for Your Dog

7 Tips on How to Throw A Memorable Birthday Party for Your DogIt is that special day for your dog. Maybe you know its birth date, or you just picked a day to celebrate. But either way, it is a nice thing to celebrate the day. In an era where at least 50% of Americans own a dog as a pet, there is no better time to throw a party for your dog every year.

But how do you make the day memorable? Well, follow these tips on how to prepare an awesome treat for your dog.

1. Send Party Invites

The first move is to make a list of dog-friendly guests. The invites should include canine and human friends. However, you need to be mindful of dogs that are friendly to humans and other dogs, considering there might be children at the party.

The fun moment comes in when picking a perfect invite. Have dog-inspired invitation cards or opt for ones with a blend of traditional illustrations.

2. Make Tasty Meals

Many of the DIY dogs are fun and easy to make in the sense that ingredients are always available around the house. These ingredients tend to be tasty such that you might be tempted to take a bite. For instance, when preparing summertime shindig, it is advisable to keep the oven off and whip frozen berry treats. Mix with sodium beef and chicken, two cups of water shake and freeze.

But how do I make my dog a birthday cake? You might be wondering! For a more exciting treat, you need to add something you can pop up a candle into such a cake. Most definitely, the dog will enjoy it. The idea of making bone-like cakes also makes the treat interesting.

3. Give Dog–Friendly Favors

To spice up the puzzle, the need to get into the mindset of the dog is imperative. Getting into the mindset of the dog means trying to figure out the treats the dogs might enjoy. There should be a fresh spin on the favorite party favors and pack with special bags full of dog treats in preparation. Dogs love homemade chicken jerky and banana peanut butter treats. Tossing spiny balls and ropes makes it more fun for the dog.

4. Play Dress-Up

Guests should be dressed in hats like that from Etsy; these costumes tend to spoil the dog’s birthday. Some dogs may get interested in it because of the hats’ presence, and it comes naturally when the dog gets into the fun moments. In the case of canine clothing inclined, there should be a personalized birthday outfit to spice up the birthday. These outfits tend to be so cute on the dog’s birthday.

5. Have a Doggy Piñata

In case of any doubt in the process, give the dog a bone. The piñata should be packed with dog treats. In the end, it tends to be fun for everyone. The dogs should be cleared out, and humans let go to the piñata blindfolded. The dog will definitely go crazy for the treat, and humans will enjoy an excellent time. Smashing a real dog feels weird, but smashing the piñata bone-shaped is definitely.

6. Balls, Balls and More Balls

It is evident that dogs and balls are inseparable. So, balls should be part of the package for an awesome dog birthday party. For a more spirited birthday, have a party tennis pool. However, the pool should be dog-friendly to make the whole experience comfortable and enjoyable. Alternatively, you can stimulate a dog’s senses using a tricky muffin tin game, displaying a great chance to learn while celebrating.

7. Send Dogs on a Scavenger Hunt

A classic easter hunt needs to be made for the canine guest who will be taken around the yard for a scavenger hunt. Scattering the colorful Kongs around the yard and allowing the dogs to sniff makes it more interesting. It is always satisfying to see the dogs go wild around the yard collecting the Kongs.

However, dog-friendly plastic easter eggs should be used as some might crack and end up being eaten by the dogs, which might be dangerous. Therefore, only dog-safe toys should be brought to the set-up to mitigate accidents occurring. At the end of the day; the birthdays aim to appreciate and enhance the bond one shares with the dog and wish them a happy birthday.

Final Thoughts

A dog’s birthday is to create a strong bond between the pet and its owner. Therefore, in the end, you need to do what makes both of you happy. May it be a hike or treat, let it be done to create more fun for both of you. In the end, dogs form best companions to humans, therefore throwing a birthday for the dog is the least of the things we can do for the dog for appreciation.

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